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Christian Surfers Aotearoa Leadership Training Academy

July 2024 & February 2025 Applications Now Open

"It was definitely the right move for me. Perfect amount of time for everything, surfing, exploring, adventure, faith building, personal development the list goes on! Definitely been the best 5 months of my life and I feel like it has allowed God to shape me into the best version of me." - Emily Robertson

What We Do


Our program creates the opportunity for you to become a part of a flourishing faith community and to shape and be shaped by it. We are dedicated to creating an encouraging and Holy Spirit-filled program that ushers you into the presence of your Shaper. We are dedicated to stepping into a deeper relationship with Jesus and to answer His call of ministry. We’ll spend plenty of time identifying our passions and abilities that we have received as gifts, to enable us to reach the world-wide surfing community. We’ll become the hands and feet of the church in reaching every surfer, as we step into multiple opportunities to serve the communities around New Zealand. We want to meet the very real needs of people’s souls, not just deal with surface-level problems. These five months are guaranteed to push you out of your comfort zone and grow you in your passions and personal leadership potential in every sphere of life!

About The Course



This program is designed to allow young adults to follow Jesus in community & to have the most epic and impactful 5 months of their lives. The course is divided into the Theology and Mission weeks. This includes surf roadies, lectures, adventures and hands-on mission experiences.

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