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What Surf Spots will we go to?

Each week we will be chasing waves! The plan is to explore as many spots around the North Island as possible! Each week you will score fun waves somewhere... Being based in Mt Maunganui means we are central to some really epic and consistent surf breaks. We will also being oversees at some stage during your time at CSALT.

Will I get a formal qualification from doing the course?

No, you don't get a formal qualification but you will come away having learnt from some of New Zealand's best teachers and epic Jesus loving humans. We would rather you are more secure in who you are in Christ, know what you believe and what direction you're headed in life than have a fancy certificate. (We might make a certificate anyway if you're lucky!)

do you have to be a great surfer to sign up?

You don't need to be pro however we would love it if you were comfortable in 3ft waves and able to get out the back unassisted.

What will a typical day's schedule look like?

Wake up 


Quiet time

Eat food 

Daily devotions and worship

Speaker session

Delicious food

Serving in the community

Chill time

More delicious food 

Another surf or skate

Rest for another epic day tomorrow

What do weekends look like?

Majority of weekends you will have free time and can spend it how you like! We do however all go to night Church on Sunday evenings together. The rest of the time its up to you. You could adventure, catch up with a friends and family or even do a surf trip together somewhere. It is also a time for rest and relaxation to prepare yourself for another awesome week coming up!

Will I get to be a part of the events that Christian Surfers NZ run?

Heck yeah! We will be helping at and attending some of the incredible events CSNZ run in the Mission Phase of CSALT. The first intake will attend Easter Camp in Taranaki and the Second intake will attend National Gathering in Raglan and also the Jesus Classic Surf Comp.

What if I don't think I can afford the $10,995 course fees?

You could start the course in our July intake and work the first half of the year to save up. We also we have a fundraising template available that you could share with your friends and family- people may want to chip in to help you raise the funds if you ask! We have assisted many students with their finances to get to CSALT. God loves to provide!

Are there parts I can opt out of doing if I'm not into it?

Everything is compulsory and the course has been designed in a way to challenge you but not without your consent, growth is a good thing and we encourage you to try new things and to be open to discussing ideas and concepts so you can figure out for yourself what you believe and why.

What if I believe there's a God but I'm not a 'hard-out Christian' ya know?

That's okay! We're going to go through the basics of the Christian faith and also cover a great amount of Bible teaching so you can get a solid foundation on what being a Jesus follower means. Everyone is at a different point in their faith journey and we're here to help you discover more of your faith and how you can live it out in today's world. 

Could I work along side doing CSALT?

Unfortunately not! The program is designed for you to get the most out of the five months. This includes a full schedule of fun, learning and relaxation. We believe that you would not get the full CSALT experience if you were to be working at the same time.

Will there be people I can chat to if I have any concerns or issues during the course?

Yes! We have incredible CSALT leaders and house leaders who are always available for our students. We want you to have the best five months possible! 

How Many Students can you take per intake?

We have an intake starting in February and one in July per year. This means there is an option for everyone! Each intake we will accept between 6-10 students. However, if unforeseen circumstances occur and we don't reach our minimum number of students we will postpone the start of the intake.

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